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Lean Management Certification for Administration and Service Industries

The Lean Management Certification for Services (LMAC-Service) shows administrative and service industry professionals how to achieve sustainable improvement in organizational performance and capability.

Co-developed by Productivity Inc. and The Ohio State University for senior and middle managers, the Lean Management Certification for Services (LMAC-Service) is a highly competitive, interactive program that teaches a carefully structured series of Lean concepts and techniques as applied specifically in services. Our combination of classroom discussion, group exercises, simulations, case studies, and hands-on application lets you transform theory into reality and educational lessons into practical experiences.

Lean Management Certification for Services (LMAC-Service) develops Lean transformation managers, not simply project managers. Over three non-consecutive weeks, participants experience a series of learning modules focused on defining current state, deploying Lean methods, and developing a culture of improvement. Between training weeks, participants apply Lean principles in processes at their own organizations and present their progress and results to the class during subsequent training weeks.

Gain the know-how, confidence, and problem-solving skills you need to drive waste from your processes and boost enterprise-wide performance.

Fully accredited certification for managers and leaders since 2001. A unique educational opportunity offered jointly by Productivity Inc. and The Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business.