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The Lean Office – 2024

Learn the Lean fundamentals, principles needed to make information flow, create better customer experiences and reduce your administrative costs.

The Lean Office program is a 5-day virtually delivered program designed to start you on the path to continuous improvement! Learn how to eliminate backlogs, failure demand (rework) and other inefficiencies while improving customer service and employee satisfaction!

Change your Business Before Someone Else Does… 

Productivity has spent the last 40+ years helping organizations change their status quo by implementing Lean principles and methodologies. We have seen firsthand the benefits Lean brings to an organization like yours in customer service, HR, accounting, sales and marketing, product and service operations, and more.

Becoming a Lean company will speed up your time to market. By eliminating non-value-adding activities and reducing downtime, Lean Thinking will increase capacity, quality, and employee satisfaction.

The Lean Office program is specifically designed to teach you the fundamental approaches needed to start a Lean effort in your administrative environment. In just five days, you’ll learn nine foundational vital principles and how they fit together to create a systemic process for identifying and eliminating service inefficiencies and process waste.

Designed for service and administrative managers looking to start a Lean effort in their organization.

Lean in Laboratories – A 5-Day Certificate Program

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Info Graphic - 5 Helpful Hints for Lean R&D/Industrial Labs

Pharmaceuticals, Human and Animal Healthcare, Bio-tech environments, Cosmetics, Chemicals, Food industries, R&D…

The Lean laboratory certificate program is designed to start you on the path to continuous improvement in your lab! Learn how to manage flows, eliminate backlogs, rework, and other inefficiencies while improving service to production, supply chain and customers and increasing employee satisfaction.

Why is Lean important in lab environments?
Because a laboratory is involved at each step of the Value Stream — incoming materials and goods, work-in process, and semi finished and finished products — delays and errors have a negative impact on the entire organization. Therefore speed, reliability and quality, i.e. lab efficiency, have a direct impact on overall organizational efficiency, as well as costs and the ability to meet customer demand.

Furthermore, specialized skills needed in the laboratory make it specially devastating for the organization when individual technicians leave due to an inefficient stressful process and environment.

infographic helpful hints for quality control labs



Applying Lean in a lab environment helps alleviate inefficiencies by:
− Improving end-to-end processes (Value Streams)
− Underscoring demand and its variability
− Scheduling analysis flows based on demand
− Defining resources required
− Creating and sharing standards to reduce rework

− Creating a working environment based on trust, empowerment, and teamwork
− Upskilling through cross-training
− Developing problem-solving skills

The Lean Lab concepts apply to all laboratories including Production Labs, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, and R&D.