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Total Systems Optimization

Win in the short-term and thrive in the long-term.

Developing Strategies & Systems For Success

We work hand in hand with you to optimize your company’s operational systems to relentlessly remove waste, increase quality, improve customer service, and at the same time improve the satisfaction of your people.

Through creation of a Customer Centric Organization and refinement of your Lean Management and Lean Production Systems.


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Our Services

Utilizing our management system - motionTM by Productivity - we will provide you with consultancy, customized education and support, to create your holistic system:

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The Lean Production System

We help you advance your production system by:

  • Supporting lean implementation in the workplace.
  • Mitigating change.
  • Creating a favorable workplace environment.
  • Setting ambitious yet realistic targets.
  • Developing people to ensure you have the right skills to solve problems and achieve your goals.

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The Lean Management System

We help you refine your Lean Management system by:

  • Building a solid Lean leadership team.
  • Aligning the organization (creating and deploying your strategy).
  • Creating a performance management system.
  • Constructing your employee retention strategy.
  • Creating the governance system.


The outcome


A new customer-focused company culture, with engaged and satisfied associates, making your improvement strategy actionable in every part of the organization every day: from operations to laboratories and admin services.


Do you think your company’s operating systems need improvement?

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Innovation by Productivity Inc.

Fostering the capability to create value

In a rapidly changing environment, your current value proposition may not be enough to ensure your organization’s long-term survival.  Organizations need to explore strategic ways to devise new and innovative forms of value – not in sporadic ‘aha’ moments, but as an evolving enterprise capability.

Productivity has developed a robust process for innovation.  It covers all areas of the business module — customer experiences, distribution channels, modes of delivery, partner networks, and market spaces. It thrives in organizational cultures that create space for new ideas and foster collaboration among employees and enterprise networks. And, most important, it embeds leadership behavior, infrastructure, and processes to execute effectively on key insights.

Innovation at this level can help you create barriers to competition — keeping you ahead in a fast-changing world.

Happy Employees – Happy Customers – Happy Shareholders

A comprehensive effort to optimize systems brings rapid development of operational and innovation capabilities that translate into:


Reduction in administrative process cycle time


On-time delivery improvements


Improvement in D2D key value streams

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“Productivity is really good at NOT coming in and telling us how, and what to do, but rather listening and understanding what our particular challenges are and then working with us to develop and implement solutions – from the front lines through to senior leadership.”

– Greg F., CLSSBB MMP, Continuous Improvement Specialist Optimization & Integration, Oil Sands & In Situ, Suncor Energy Inc.