Daily Management System 5 Day Event


Operational Excellence initiatives often fail when leadership fails to engage and provide support through high quality workplace management systems and routines. An effective Daily Management System enables the building of leadership capabilities at multiple organizational levels, through teaching, coaching, and establishing standard work routines, while ensuring daily accountability for actions that eliminate waste.

In essence, DMS is the establishment of real-time monitoring of performance/activities in every department, and the most effective way to ensure that daily work is tied directly to organizational goals, that targets are being met and that changes are being sustained.

Using real-world examples, we’ll share a disciplined approach to DMS that drives line leadership behavior away from ‘firefighting’ mode to proactive problem-solving, while building organizational capability for the long term.

Inside the day’s activities:
Tailored as a discovery session, the day’s agenda includes questions and gap analytics that will be captured and built into an action plan for each participant, for reflection and creation of next steps.

The agenda will cover:

  • The Why – the compelling business case for change
  • The How – The Role of Leadership – Servant Leaders, Learn/Do/Teach/Coach-Tactics – Standard Work, Visual Management, Metrics, Daily Routines
  • The What – An effective Daily/Workplace Management System – the attributes of a good system?
  • Behavioral – Importance of daily routines and sticking to the process
  • Reflection/Action Plan – define current state, next steps and immediate opportunities
  • Organizational integration of support functions through Daily Management

Participants will learn:

  • The importance of DMS in sustaining all CI efforts
  • Key components to build an effective DMS across the organization
  • Importance and role of a visual management system
  • Direct connection between Daily Management, employee engagement, and productivity
  • Role of performance management and metrics in linking organizational goals to strategic deployment
  • • How leaders in a company-wide cultural / behavioral transformation support DMS, build organizational capability at all levels of the organization using Gemba walks, servant leadership, leader standard work, leaders as coaches, etc.



  • Interactive presentation and Q&A on Daily Management and its structure
  • Tiered rollups…connectivity to plant objectives and how best to manage them day-to-day (cultural, technical)
  • Capture themes on participants’ current state of daily management
  • Case Study – participants organize and work in teams focusing on a real-time case study to detect and identify problems and develop solutions to implement a DMS
  • Examples of DMS ideal state
  • Maturity Assessment – leadership, policy deployment, metrics and tiered daily management processes
  • Discussion on effective implementation; the recommended course of action?
  • Next steps – 90-day action plan

This session is taught using a combination of lecture, group discussion and case studies based on actual implementations and follows the schedule below:
12:30pm-1:00pm – break
3:00pm-3:30pm – break