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For over 40 years, we have supported businesses around the world to address their operational challenges, accelerate their overall performance, and keep in motion.

What does it mean to stay in motion™?

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We offer customizable Lean Management and TPM programs designed for a wide array of industries, from workplace skill building to executive education programs.

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We help guide organizational transformation – structuring and deploying strategy, improving processes, developing leaders – thus building a systemic approach to operational excellence.

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We coach leaders, managers, and teams to facilitate faster translation of theory to practice in the workplace for optimal outcomes.

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Keeping Enterprises in Motion™

Discover the significance of staying in motion and its alignment with long-term, sustainable organizational success.

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Help for Manufacturing and Service Organizations, all sizes, all sectors.

We provide companies in all business sector scalable strategies designed to fit their needs and solve their problems.

Positive Impact, Positive Outcomes

Productivity Inc. has expert personnel who have trained, mentored and coached at our supplier manufacturing plants around the world. The results of their work have transformed the way we do business today and far into the future.

– Adidas AG