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Operational Excellence

Ensuring end-to-end process capability.

Productivity has been there from the start.

Over the decades, Lean Manufacturing has evolved into ‘Lean Organization’ as efforts expanded organization-wide and from the manufacturing sector to the service sector and beyond. Productivity was there at the start and continues to support you as the journey continues.

We partner with clients to create more value.
Optimizing Operations – Engaging the Workforce – Achieving Performance Targets


Operational Excellence is the outcome of a dynamic and organic continuous improvement journey to provide better customer experiences. It includes:

Developing Your CI Culture

Developing your CI Culture

We support business transformation by developing people. Our proven hands-on approach to learning develops Lean mindsets and fosters ownership of the CI process as associates learn to see waste, solve problems, and develop new ways of working.

Improving Your Processes

Improving your Processes

We work side-by-side to help you achieve your goals – both short and long term. Improving quality, lead time, yield, productivity, and cost optimization. Tackling today’s issues which impact customer service and EBIT, while building new capabilities for long term sustainable growth.


The outcome


A dynamic organization with the ability to continually learn and develop employee skills, provide better customer experiences, generate additional revenues, and innovate and grow responsibly.

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Improving Execution Capabilities through Value Stream Management

Accelerate customer service, generate more revenue, reduce costs, improve quality, optimize cash flow, shorten time to market, increase employee satisfaction — in short, optimize all your key performance metrics by optimizing your value streams.

We help our customers analyze, improve, and manage – from end to end – to eliminate waste, synchronize activities and accelerate processes. This allows the linking of value-adding activities, collapsing the amount of time it takes to reliability and predictable produce and deliver quality products.

Moving from silo improvement to Value Stream Improvement…we know how to do it and we can help you.

Group of people working together in office

Untap the Hidden Potential of Your Administrative and Service Functions

Your admin and service functions (HR, IT, Engineering, Procurement, Customer Service, etc.,) play a key role in overall value stream efficiency and effectiveness; therefore, it is vital to optimize these processes – eliminating silos – to accelerate your execution capability and build competitive advantage.

Applying Lean principles and methodologies beyond production will reduce cost, variability, lead times (your true lead-times), and daily management anxiety.

Take the first step and give us a call.  Let’s work together to analyze your current upstream and downstream flows, identify opportunities, and draft a plan to close the gaps.

How Production Preparation Process – 3P – can change your business.

3P is a dynamic change in an organization’s approach to product and process development. The method combines the principles of Lean manufacturing and multi-disciplinary teamwork with an iterative approach to prototyping. With this combination, the 3P method achieves significant leaps in competitiveness, with 80-90% improvements in return-on-investment, productivity, manufacturing time, and quality.

We have also used 3P to help clients manage the relocation of existing products into new or alternative infrastructures, in response to chronic problems, i.e., ergonomic issues, and for facility and equipment design/redesign.

Explore our white papers to learn more about the effectiveness of 3P:

Process Innovation in Action 

Kaikaku: Moving Beyond Kaizen

Scientist in lab holding beaker

Accelerate Your Laboratory Performance and Response Times

Laboratories, both quality control as well as R&D, are vital links in the value chain, therefore, it is important to find ways to improve capacity, reduce lead-times, improve expertise, increase reliability, and ensure right-first-time results. Applying operational excellence principles and methodologies provides useful ways to address these challenges.

Our OpEx experience extends to all laboratory environments from chemicals to medicines to cosmetics. Let us bring our experience improving lab performance to you.

Explore our white paper to learn more about Lean in Quality Control Laboratories:

Leaning the Quality Control Laboratory

View our Lean Hints for R&D/Industrial Labs (click thumbnail):

View our Lean Hints for Quality Control Labs (click thumbnail):

Learn the Lean Improvement Methodologies


Your organization needs people skilled in the use of the Lean methodologies in order to support value stream improvement and create a CI culture. The more time you invest in developing your people, the better armed they are to drive change in their own areas and the stronger your overall results.

Our Accelerated Improvement Programs include:

  • 5S and Visual Workplace
  • Standard Work
  • Quick Changeover (SMED)
  • Cell Design
  • Kanban
  • Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
    • Autonomous Maintenance
    • Planned Maintenance
    • Focused Improvement
  • Problem-Solving (A3, CEDAC)
  • Mistake-Proofing
  • …and more.

Our advanced collaborative learning combines training and coaching, bridging the gap between learning and doing while increasing the competence, confidence, and skill of your people.

Let us help you develop the internal capabilities you need to execute better.

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Daily Management

Daily Management

A Daily Management system provides the necessary governance to ensure that activities in the workplace align with company and customer priorities. The DMS moves beyond review of KPIs providing a real-time, up-to-the-minute accounting of activities. It provides a structured way for leaders at all levels and associates to engage and provide direct-in-the-workplace management through visual management and team routines. DMS is the missing link in many operational excellence initiatives, yet it is the key to long-term sustainment.

Our consultants work closely with you to develop a dynamic DMS empowering employees to manage their activities and reach their performance targets – every day.

Need help creating a robust daily management system in your environment? We can help, let’s talk.

Rapid Improvement

Rapid Improvement Events

Drive immediate improvements in production or admin environments with our Rapid Focused Improvement events. Designed to address specific problems and achieve rapid results. Our team works with your team to diffuse the improvements and ensure the gains are sustained.

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Achieve Remarkable Results with Dynamic Process Improvements


Improvement in D2D


Reduction in key value stream lead times


Reduction in defects

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Check out our white papers, case studies, and view our implementation experiences in our news & resource library.

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Certification & Training

Think you’d like to get Lean certified? Explore upcoming educational programs or on-site Lean training for your team.

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“Having had some LEAN training back 10 years ago, we thought our company was quite “LEAN.” In consultations with Productivity Inc., we realized we were quite a bit off the (LEAN) mark and decided to engage their services 5 months ago. The results are quite impressive: 30-40% efficiency pick up in sewing lines; 65% WIP reduction; defect reductions averaging 75%. In short, Productivity is such a fast payback for us, its’ scary.”

– Juan Z., President, Textiles Opico sa de CV (TexOps)