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On-Site Training & Skill Development

A learn-by-doing approach that translates theory into action and provides immediate returns

Build People Then Build Processes
Actionable, Proven, Results-Oriented

Develop the knowledge, confidence to execute, and skills of leaders at all organizational levels with customized educational and implementation programs from Productivity Inc.

skill development

Skill Development

Translating training into implementation


Our skill development sessions are customized to respond to your business challenges using a combination of training, coaching and implementation. These learn-by-doing sessions bring immediate results on issues you are wrestling with today. Upskill and achieve short-term performance improvements in quality, lead time, yield, productivity, and cost optimization. The outcome: developed know-how and capabilities for long-term success.

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Training Customized for Your Needs

Lean Management – Lean Manufacturing – TPM – Lean Leadership – Lean Administration – Lean Lab – 3P


Productivity Inc. has a wealth of experience designing training curricula to fit your educational requirements and business needs. Our consultants will work closely with your transition team to step through the curriculum design process identifying and developing training programs tailor-made to meet your specific educational requirements. 

On-Site Training curricula can be designed to meet a wide array of educational needs, from shopfloor and front-line operator/employee training to executive education courses. Programs can be designed to suit both process and discrete manufacturing needs, as well as service environments.

First, speak with a Productivity consultant to address your core business needs and desired areas of focus. Utilizing our expertise and pre-built curricula, we will assemble a training program unique to your business to drive optimized performance and improved efficiency. 

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Who Do You Want To Train?

We have Educational Programs for:


Executive Development Experience tailored to your specific cultural, behavioral, and business needs.


A structured learning and personal development process that enables managers to drive process improvement principles throughout the organization.


Training and coaching in the technical, behavioral and daily management, enabling supervisors, team leaders, lead operators, and others to establish collaborative partnerships across the organization and drive a culture of daily improvement.

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What Is Your Area Of Interest?

From Autonomous Maintenance to Zero Defects, we expertly train your management and teams in the areas of:

  • Value Stream and Flow Management
  • Equipment Reliability 
  • Cost Optimization
  • Strategy Deployment
  • Performance Management
  • Problem-Solving
  • Administrative Improvement
  • Product Development 
  • Improvement in QC and R&D Laboratories
  • Management and Supervisors Development

Areas of Focus

We provide further training in the A-to-Z of Lean and TPM methodologies:

Kaizen affords you access to just 25% of your waste, 3P puts the remaining 75% in play. The 3P method allows cross-functional teams to conceptualize, develop, validate, and deploy radical improvement in process, product and service design. In contrast to incremental “kaizen” efforts that modify an existing process, 3P starts from a clean slate and entails the rapid development of solutions that can help organizations meet critical business and customer requirements. The results drive huge competitive advantage. During this session, participants will learn the tools and techniques that attack designed-in, “hard-wired” waste that is either very expensive or virtually impossible to remove later on.

Our expert trainers will guide your teams through the principles of Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain. With our 5S Training, your employees will learn how to declutter, arrange, and maintain a clean and organized workspace, promoting safety, productivity, and how 5S aids in the creation of a culture of continuous improvement. Equip your organization with the foundation for Lean manufacturing success.

Our training equips your teams with the skills to tackle complex challenges using the A3 structured approach. Our expert trainers will guide your teams through the entire A3 problem-solving process, from problem identification to root cause analysis, and action plan development—all captured within the concise A3 format. The A3 Problem-Solving process aids your organization in fostering a culture of continuous improvement, empowering teams to make data-driven decisions, drive innovation, and achieve sustainable results.

Learn how to establish process flow by linking together value-adding activities using takt time, jidoka, heijunka (level sequential flow), pull production scheduling and the necessary tools of standard work such as standard work sheets, process capacity tables, and standard work combination sheets. Simulation and business case based.

This session offers a deep dive into kanban and flow production. Understand the methodology of kanban and how it can stabilize production operations. Explore the ways kanban can prevent expensive product shortages; how and where it fits in a Lean value stream; and how it interrelates and integrates with other Lean tools.

Laboratories are critical for many industries: pharmaceutical, food, chemical industries. From the control of raw materials to the control and validation of semi-finished or finished products for batch release, laboratories are critical in the Value Chain.

In this session we look at how to bring Lean ways of working to the laboratories to drastically increase performance. You will learn how to identify demand, build standards, and establish and manage the in-flow and out-flow of work, all while drastically reducing response times.

We also discuss the principles of Lean flow and performance management and how to establish visual management for a more effective service.

The best way to prevent defects is to examine the process, determine what condition led to the defect, and then control that condition. Mistake-Proofing (poka-yoke) devices automatically inspect for errors or defective operating conditions. This training will demonstrate a scientific method to alert, avoid, and control defects and eliminate source errors.

This training session teaches an easy to use yet extremely effective team-based problem-solving methodology that allows the users to go from symptoms to root cause. Learn a reliable nine step method for taking a current state condition (a problem, an issue, a target for improvement) to future state through a process of generating ideas and effective solutions.

Using a powerful improvement process called CEDAC (winner of the Deming Prize), unlock your team’s knowledge and creativity while learning how to integrate the CEDAC problem-solving process with other improvement techniques such as Value Stream Mapping.

Empower your teams with the skills to reduce setup times and increase productivity. Our expert trainers will guide your employees through the principles and techniques of Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED), enabling them to optimize changeover processes, minimize downtime, and enhance overall operational efficiency. With our Quick Changeover Training, your organization will achieve streamlined production, improved flexibility, and a competitive edge in today’s dynamic market.

Standard Work is a key element in the elimination of waste, reduction of variation, and in achieving balanced and synchronized processes.  It is central to achieving and sustaining the Lean enterprise.

By definition Standard Work demands adherence to today’s best practices and must be embedded in all we do, from standard operations in the workplace to standardized policies and procedures.

In this session, participants learn a proven methodology to develop Standard Work routines and how to apply document control and visual workplace principles and techniques to train others in the new best practice or Standard Work.


We specialize in delivering top-notch TPM Training tailored to your organization’s needs. Our expert trainers are well-versed in all TPM Pillars and supporting techniques, ensuring your teams gain a comprehensive understanding of Autonomous Maintenance, Planned Maintenance, Quality Maintenance, Early Equipment Management, and more. Let us equip your workforce with the knowledge and skills to maximize equipment efficiency, minimize downtime, and foster a culture of continuous improvement through our TPM Training programs.

This training will lift-off the Lean journey by presenting the step-by-step methodology of value stream management. Value stream management is the cornerstone to planning the implementation of all Lean activities. Learn value stream mapping and storyboarding; how to gather all the upstream and downstream information needed to make data-driven decisions regarding your Lean plan. Learn how to interpret the map’s data to guide decisions on where to target improvement initiatives in the quest to eliminate non-value adding activities. In this training we’ll consider measurements such as Dock-to-Dock, First Time Through, On-Time-Delivery, and Build to Schedule.

Value Stream Mapping, Value Stream management: This session presents a step-by-step methodology for value stream management (VSM)—the cornerstone for planning Lean activities in all processes.

During the session you will learn how to:

  • Define the scope of analysis for value streams and processes
  • Link VSM with other forms of analysis including SIPOC (supplier-input-process-output-customer)
  • Define service families
  • See the flow of value in end-to-end processes
  • Define and measure process performance indicators
  • Gather the upstream and downstream information needed to make fact-based decisions for your Lean plan and eliminate non-value-added activities

Our comprehensive Visual Workplace training empowers your teams with the skills to create an environment that speaks for itself. Our expert trainers will guide your employees through the art of visual management, where information is displayed clearly and intuitively, promoting efficiency, collaboration, and error reduction. With Visual Workplace Training, your organization will unlock the potential for streamlined processes, improved communication, and a more engaging workplace.

certificate programs

Onsite Lean Certificates and Certifications

Increase the knowledge and skill of your people


We offer Certificate and Certification programs for leaders and managers. Customized curricula targeted to your objectives and environments with programs for both manufacturing and admin/service. The outcomes are well-trained certified leaders and managers with the knowledge, capability, and confidence to drive improvement initiatives in your organization.

Certificate and Certification programs in:

  • Lean methodologies
  • Administrative process improvements
  • 3P: Production Preparation Process
  • Maintenance management
  • Total Productive Maintenance management
  • Leading and managing Lean


Contact us to design a program for your company.