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Services Velocity & Efficiency

Enhance your revenue and customer experience by improving your operational and support service processes.

Transforming Processes for Excellence

Establish yourself as a preferred partner and employer by revolutionizing your administrative, support service, and transactional processes. Remove waste and improve accuracy and efficiency to accelerate customer response time and improve employee satisfaction.


Building Intelligent Processes by Connecting Human Work and Technology.

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Developing People and Collaboration

We help you build a community of Lean practitioners capable of identifying improvement opportunities, seeing and removing waste from processes, solving problems, and working collaboratively among all departments to optimize the customer experience. Along the way, we foster ownership of the CI process, ensuring long-term sustainable growth!

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Building Capable and Efficient Systems

Working side by side with your teams, we rethink and reengineer systems to reduce variability and streamline processes to improve end-to-end performance and create better customer response. The result, a building of new capabilities that creates an improved company-wide operating system.


The outcome

A customer centric organization made up of dedicated and empowered employees capable of rethinking service-level needs and streamlining processes in order to delight customers all of the time.


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Customer Service and Value Stream Improvement

We can assist you in discovering new and innovative methods to enhance the customer journey while fostering a collective sense of purpose among your team members. This can be achieved by working across your value stream to eliminate waste and synchronize process steps, thereby enabling a seamless connection of value from end-to-end. As a result, you will be able to respond more quickly to your customers and the market, and your employees’ job satisfaction will increase.

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Building Company-wide Performance Management

“How do you know you are improving?”

The Performance Management system is a critical link in operational excellence initiatives and the key to long-term success. A dynamic daily/weekly performance management system goes beyond a static display of lagging KPIs to build synergy, create a common language, and improve all company areas. The performance management system connects organizational objectives and customer service priorities through daily work by engaging leaders and teams in direct-in-the-workplace routines.

We work closely with you to develop a performance management system that best supports your business objectives and allows you to delight your customers.

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Accelerating Your Development and Innovation Capability

Reducing time to market is critically important for almost every organization. As a result, finding ways to speed innovation and product development is strategic and paramount for success.

Would you happen to know how you can do this?

Two key elements contribute to reaching that objective: 1) effective project management and 2) efficient collaborative working methods.  We work with you to move from the old traditional process to a process based on the collaboration of all stakeholders. They will learn to use short, concurrent development steps and quick experimentation cycles. Continual customer input and a dynamic Oobeya room where the project becomes visual will help deliver value to customers faster.

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Strengthening Your Improvement Capabilities

Improvement Capabilities

How do you ignite Excellence in all departments?

Developing an improvement culture means having empowered, educated employees who understand the organization’s objectives and can make decisions that make a difference.  To do so, they need the knowledge and skills to improve their day-to-day process. We provide training and coaching services in the Lean principles and methodologies and how to use them every day to trigger the combination of small and large improvements (Kaizen and Breakthrough improvements) to improve processes and, in the end, enhance customer and team satisfaction.

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  • 5S and Visual Workplace
  • A3 Problem Solving
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Value Stream Management
  • Process Time Reduction
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Visual Management
  • And more

Focused Improvement Events

Focused activities designed to improve the process in one area-department.  Focused Improvement Events bring rapid results while helping people learn to see waste and create new ways of working.  We work closely with the team to disseminate improvements and ensure gains are sustained.

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Empowerment, Efficiency, and Excellence in Streamlined Processes


Reduction in Backlogs


Minimum reduction in quality issues


Reduction in lead time

News & Resource Library

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Certification & Training

Think you'd like to get Lean certified? Explore upcoming educational programs or on-site Lean training for your team.

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“I wanted to let you know that after 7 years of work, we have been awarded the Shingo Prize, the real one. We are happy to have achieved this very ambitious goal and to be the first French site to have it and only the second pharma site in the world. A great adventure! … Thank you again for your contribution over the years 2013-2016 which made it possible for us to build solid fundamentals in Visual Management and Lean Lab.”

-A.B., Global Manufacturing Performance Senior Director TechOps Division, Ipsen Pharmaceutical Company