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Lean Eye

What Happens When You Ask Why with a Lean Eye?

Case Studies

A Major US Metal Manufacturer
The Client Ask:
Conduct kaizen style event to help improve throughput and increase capacity while achieving cost reductions.
Plant Attributes at Project Start:
Recently relocated equipment, multiple sets of common equipment, high volume, high mix, a very competitive industry.
What We Did:
Working with the cross-functional client team we studied the product mix to identify dominant products. We then..

  • constructed a high-level current state value stream map
  • calculated surge takt time
  • observed and documented the process continuously for 4-hours with one-second granularity
  • constructed a pareto diagram of wastes observed
  • developed several improved flow concepts
  • asked “Why do we need more than one line?”
  • rapidly prototyped several concepts
  • challenged legacy machine cycle times
  • proved new process several times
  • documented new process standard work
  • trained all area operators on new process.

The Outcome:
Over the course of the project, the throughput increased by 20% allowing additional product to be processed on the line without additional assets (equipment or human)

An increase in capacity of 15+% was realized. The new process configuration removed two process steps which were no longer needed and decreased overall cost by an audited 2%.

This was a classic flow manufacturing project where we worked together with client team members to address a burning platform. We can do the same for you. We can also assist with larger projects.
What’s keeping you up nights? Chances are we’ve helped someone tackle a similar issue. We have 40+ years of experience, let us put it to work for you.
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