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Daily Management System Board

Daily Management System (DMS)

Lean/TPM Knowledge

Companies committed to implementing Lean Transformation realize the key to sustaining the gains is in creating an empowered, engaged organization where improvements are made as part of daily work. In this context, a pivotal strategy comes into play: the implementation of a Daily Management System (DMS)
DMS a foundational leadership practice.
A daily management system is a set of standard practices that keep improvement efforts on track and moving forward. It is often referred to as the missing link in Lean initiatives and the key to long-term sustainment. This system comprises three interconnected elements: leadership routines, visual management, and accountability. Each of these elements builds upon the other, ensuring that leaders at all levels remain deeply connected to the ongoing progress.”

  1. Leadership Routines: DMS establishes a cadence of regular check-ins and reviews across all levels of leadership. These routines ensure that objectives, progress, and challenges are consistently addressed. By fostering open communication and collaboration, leadership routines empower teams to make informed decisions in real-time, promoting agile responses to emerging opportunities and issues.
  2. Visual Management: A cornerstone of DMS, visual management employs visual cues to make performance and improvement visible to everyone in the organization. Visual boards, charts, and displays provide a clear snapshot of goals, metrics, and ongoing initiatives. This transparency fosters a shared understanding of progress, encourages collective problem-solving, and reinforces a culture of continuous improvement.
  3. Accountability: DMS instills a culture of accountability by assigning responsibility for specific tasks and outcomes. Regular reviews and discussions during leadership routines enable teams to track progress, address bottlenecks, and celebrate successes. This element ensures that improvement efforts are not only planned but executed with precision and diligence. At the core of daily accountability is the focus on process: alignment, engagement, teaching and learning.


Your Daily Management System acts as a compass, guiding your organization toward sustainable Lean transformation. By incorporating leadership routines, visual management, and accountability, the system paves the way for engaged teams, efficient processes, and continuous growth.
How well are these three elements woven into the fabric of your operational governance policy? We can help you develop the social and technical elements of a robust daily management system. Contact us today to request a quote.