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A Brief Look at FLPS

Lean/TPM Knowledge

FLPS is code for “Front Line Problem-solving” and is at the top of our “favorite tool list” for reasons we’ll explain.

FLPS is a Level 1 tool that is designed to enable a continuous problem-solving “routine” to exist between supervisors/lead operators and the value adder community.

The kinds of improvements/problems FLPS targets can best be described as “base-hit improvements,” not “home runs.” With a little upfront coaching, FLPS-type problems are identified by the value adders.

An example of a category of FLPS problems/opportunities are those aspects of a value-adders work process that are ergonomically risky, physically difficult or fatiguing to perform.

With FLPS, No/Low-cost problem solutions would be rapidly identified, developed and tested via a new collaboration between the supervisor and value-adder.

It is stunning to see the effect FLPS has on the value adder community once they begin to realize the evolved role of the supervisor is to help make the value adders personally successful.

One can see that a major additional benefit of FLPS is cultural in nature… it is a tangible and very visual way to evolve the role of supervisors/lead operators from the ones expected to solve all the problems into leaders who learn to effectively “coach” the value adder community in solving problems in the processes they own.

The whole idea underlying FLPS is to drive rapid, effective problem identification and solving down the process owner level because they are the ones that have the richest, firsthand insights to offer.

FLPS is an extremely potent tool. We firmly believe, the companies that master FLPS are the kinds of companies’ people will want to work for.

Want to learn more about how you can start an FLPS program in your facility, click here or give us a call at 800-966-5423.