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Micro Lessons


Micro Lessons

Problems are opportunities (for improvement) if you have the right tools to solve them. If you don’t, problems are simply problems. When your teams are problem-solving, remember that…

A first step in problem solving is to be certain you have a good understanding of the current situation. To ensure your solutions get to the root cause, you must understand the process where the problem initially occurred. When starting to diagnose a problem, don’t rely on verbal reports to provide the details. Go to the work area, observe the situation, solicit help from the people in the area, and collect hard evidence for yourself. Just like any good detective, gather the facts first hand; it will help you gain a better understanding of the problem which, in turn, will allow you to better focus your solutions.

It’s no secret that Lean transformation is problematic. That is to say, there will be problems along the implementation path. Arming your teams with the tools they need to solve problems as they are encountered is fundamental to developing a continuous improvement culture.


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