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Luis R Mosqueda

Data Collection and the Importance of Recording Losses



Data Collection and the Importance of Recording Losses
From: May 19, 2020
Luis R. Mosqueda
When you hear ‘production losses’ what comes to mind? If you are like many, you think about machine downtime. But production losses are more than just machine downtime, they also include all of the losses associated with availability, performance, and quality.
In this 1-hour video, Luis looks at data collection – the what, why and how – and how complete and accurate data provide a window into what’s really happening in your production processes.
Using case examples, he showcases organizations’ use of loss data to create action plans that dramatically helped them improve their overall performance – simple, low cost, fixes that were not just related to machine downtime.
The vast majority of companies in the world want to improve their results, however, very few are truly successful. Learn how collecting and utilizing all production loss data will help improve yours.