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Rapidly Reshaping Operations

Lean/TPM Knowledge

Innovation. Alignment. Flexibility. Resilience. Rebalancing. Communication. Collaboration. All relevant principles that are synonymous with the new business landscape. But perhaps none more so than Efficient. All around us, life is still happening, albeit in an altered state. There is work to be done, businesses that still need to run. Because, despite constantly evolving global events, the Why business is done hasn’t changed. The question is, while the Why hasn’t changed, how do businesses get even better at doing the What and the How-to much more quickly and efficiently?
The What. End-to-end (company-wide) operations still need to be evaluated to identify opportunities to eliminate waste, improve flow and shorten supply chains. A closer look at value streams, inherently filled with leadership, reliability, and flow/inefficiency issues, reveal the “Vital Few” …the critical things that get in the way of optimal performance. Simply put, the majority (80%) of these inefficiencies will be addressed by focusing on the fewer, critical things (the 20%). In doing so, workers’ efforts become more focused, leading to quicker ROI and value add for customers (internal and external).
The How To. Armed with the Vital Few, the objective becomes: how to attack them with greater efficiency than ever before? The key is in educating the workforce…enabling employees to up-skill and multi-skill to build capabilities, transfer knowledge, and leverage that learning so they can immediately apply their new skills. The results are far-reaching, including: rapid optimized performance (waste eliminated, costs reduced, and increased quality and delivery), increased employee satisfaction, ownership, and responsiveness, exceeded customer expectations, and met shareholder demand. After all, isn’t this the essence of transformation?
What’s Next? The When and The Where. Transferring knowledge can take many forms. To do our part, we’ve adapted our processes to more efficiently support businesses’ learning. Upcoming public events are available on-site and virtually (condition-dependent), and vary in duration and classification (some are certification or certificate programs, others kaizen-based). Each is interactive, ROI-driven, and includes instruction, application, group discussion, and ample peer networking. Together, they address the total system – leadership, reliability, and flow inefficiency – and in doing so, they help form a cohesive, systemic approach to a Lean Management System and total company optimization. Categorized accordingly, our public event line up is listed below:
Operational Excellence
Lean Manager Certification Program, Lean Tool Awareness Certificate Program, Lean Leadership – The Four Dimensions of Transformation, Lean in Laboratories
(4) opportunities for participants to learn critical CI skills for process and administration, and for leaders to learn to drive operational excellence from strategy to shop floor.
Equipment Reliability
A Maintenance Miracle – An Autonomous Maintenance Kaizen Event, Total Productive Maintenance Manager Certification Program, Manager of Maintenance Improvement Certificate Program
(3) opportunities for organizations to develop internal TPM resources to lead teams focused on eliminating equipment reliability issues, including a deep dive into the (8) Pillars of TPM.
Lean in Service and Administration
Lean Leadership – The Four Dimensions of Transformation, Service Process Improvement Certificate Program, Lean in Laboratories, Lean Management Certificate for Administration and Service Industries
(4) opportunities for participants to learn critical skills in the often-overlooked service and administrative areas, to attack inefficiencies, and improve flow and customer responsiveness.

“An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.” – Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric

Companies will be better able to face disruption with the support of an up-skilled and multi-skilled, empowered, efficient, and results-driven workforce…allowing them to quickly and adeptly respond to changing businesses conditions and truly thrive, not just survive.
Watch for additional information coming next month on on-site and virtual skill-building, and coaching sessions.