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Hoshin Kanri: Aligning your Organization

Lean/TPM Knowledge

Fundamental to a Lean Enterprise in motion™ is Strategy Deployment (hoshin kanri), an alignment process that’s all about linking leadership aspirations with daily activities in the workplace. We often refer to hoshin kanri as a process of getting a team-based community ready to attack the most common obstacles and opportunities related to growth, margin improvement, system-wide waste elimination, and RONA.

Matrix-based communication, feedback and agreement.

The process of hoshin kanri begins with corporate leadership and their key improvement and growth objectives, then cascades through the entire organizational structure, building the high-performance workplace necessary to do all that needs to be done to execute the strategic objectives. We use the X-Matrix as a structured way to build and deploy your strategic plan.

As the organizational goals cascade down from one level to the next, a Catchball process allows communication, feedback, and agreement between the various levels, thus ensuring the best alignment and buy-in.

With the matrices in place, the opportunities are ripe for the joint optimization of a lean management system and a lean production system rollout…aka, the forming and diffusion of the systems and structures necessary to mature and sustain the hoshin kanri process. The next step is building the capabilities to execute!

Developing or refining a high-level strategic plan, then deploying that plan and its objectives within your organization, create the link between strategy and daily work. The X-Matrix connects organizational goals to daily work and allows everyone in the organization to understand how their individual efforts contribute.

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