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company-wide excellence

Navigating Company-Wide Excellence: Performance Indicators for Admin and Service Environments

Lean/TPM Knowledge

In the dynamic realm of office and service activities, the challenge often lies in the invisibility of the work itself. How do you measure success when tasks are intangible? The answer lies in the world of Performance Indicators—key metrics that illuminate the path to understanding, control, and continual improvement.

From Invisible to Visible

In an environment where the nature of work makes it difficult to gauge progress, Performance Indicators step in as guiding lights. The notion is simple: what you measure, you comprehend. What you comprehend, you govern. And what you govern, you enhance.

Transcending Surface-level Measurements

Beyond the superficial perception of Performance Indicators as mere numbers on a chart, lies a deeper truth. It’s about involving every team in a journey of measurement that’s relevant to their activities. These metrics are the heartbeat of Quality (precision in the first attempt), Delivery (timely and punctual responses), Cost (productive resource utilization), Safety (identifying near misses), Morale (employee satisfaction), and even risk and compliance.

A Shift from Reactive to Proactive

The pivotal transformation happens when we shift from lagging indicators—data that arrives after the fact—to leading indicators—metrics that empower action in real-time. This change in perspective catalyzes improvement before issues become unmanageable.

Guiding Principles for Performance Measurement

Five guiding principles pave the way for an effective Performance Management system:

  • Relevance: Focus on measuring the aspects that directly contribute to desired outcomes.
  • Timeliness: Embrace real-time measurement to swiftly identify areas of improvement.
  • Empowerment: Equip every team with metrics that enable them to gauge their performance directly.
  • Visibility: The essence of Performance Indicators lies in their ability to bring problems to light and drive proactive action.
  • Transparency: Make these metrics visible across the organization to foster a culture of accountability and progress.

Constructing the Path to Excellence

To steer an organization towards growth, each team must rally around clear objectives. A Performance Management System comes into play—an intricate web of metrics that guides everyone towards collective goals. The foundation lies in cascading company objectives throughout the organization (Hoshin Kanri), creating a shared sense of purpose.

Solidifying Excellence

To truly fortify performance excellence, define pertinent metrics at every level and department. Establish review routines that maintain a pulse on these indicators. This holistic approach constructs a robust performance management system that steers behaviors, amplifies customer service, boosts sales, elevates marketing efforts, enhances productivity, and nurtures employee satisfaction.