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Lean in Laboratories



Lean in Laboratories
Catherine Converset
From: April 22, 2022
Catherine provides a snapshot of the key elements of a Lean transformation, including management’s role, and how these principles can be applied to quality control and R&D laboratories to create better working and performing environments.
From her experience conducting laboratory transformation in different industries, she illustrates how the successful combination of Lean principles coupled with a management system based on empowerment and trust drives out short- and long-term inefficiencies and reinforces laboratory expertise. The outcome, a 50-90% performance improvement.
In this fast-paced, high-level session, you gain a better understanding of:

  • The guiding principles that drive change and improvement in laboratories
  • The importance of building the right KPIs to address your priorities
  • How to build a collaborative work environment to reinforce your lab expertise
  • The importance of seeing such a transformation as a leadership priority